The Startup Diet

Andrew Hyde wrote an article about saving on food.

While I agree that you should cook your meals at home and his shopping strategies, I totally disagree you on living with a less than $1/day diet!

Good food is a investment in yourself!

Good and healthy food is a investment in yourself as good education is.
You shouldn’t save at the wrong place. You can live a healthy and tasty live on 5 bucks a day

Live Healthy And Tasty

  • Cook everything at home.
  • Buy frozen veggies! A lot!
  • Eat enough protein.
  • Try to avoid to much processed food. You want a steak not a sausage.
  • Get a same tupper ware and prepare your food the day before. So you can take it with you or a have it ready when you get hungry.
  • Never eat out. This saves a lot of money.
  • Never ever eat at fast food restaurants! This is garbage not food.
  • Added: A nice diet by Tim Ferris if you want to cut fat and still living cheap.

This way you can comfortably live on $5/day and even have fun with healthy food and start your new startup.


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