Customer Hypthesis

I told about the product, now it is time to look who will buying my product idea. Hopefully.

The different types of the “customer”

Mr Blank differentiates between several different customer types in an organisation.

  • the day-to-day user
  • the actual buyer
  • the “Decision Maker”
  • and influencers

Thus my product is targeted at the consumer market. It is not that coplicated as selling to a company. In most cases it should be like that: Buyer <=> day-to-day user <=> “Decision maker”. Also I assert that the potential customers, geeks, are quite well paid and could afford the product.

The problem are the influencers. The customer won’t make the buying decision solely made on economic facts, she will decide with soft facts in mind. Like the opinion of their friends, their family and the Open-Source-Community.

Magnitude of customer needs

The product is so important to customers, that users invest a lot of time right now (Tell me what is an hour of your time worth?) to get their computer running the way they want.

What do customers now

At the moment customers search for a solution on their own. The probability that they find a solution for their whole problems is about to 50%.

Justification to buy

The reason for justification to buy is a bit unclear to me at the moment. One could be the amount of time that can be saved.


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