Demand Creation Hypothesis

The ideas for demand creation are rather immature of course, but you have to start somewhere.

How will customers hear about us?

We will have four pillars for marketing.

  1. Conferences like OSCON, Linux Tag, etc. (I was at one conference this weekend. I will write about it later.
  2. Fairs like the CEBIT. I think this is less important than conferences, but it is a way to find industry influencers.
  3. Word of mouth. I hope points one and two can support word of mouth.
  4. AdWords. This is a no brainer. I want to get people who search actively for a solution that I want to offer.

Who are the players in neighbor markets?

  • Redhat, Suse, Canonical, etc.
  • Linux specialized consulting companies.

Who are the key influencers in the industry/Linux community?

  • Linus Torvalds
  • Alan Key
  • Richard Stallmann
  • (Robert Basic)
  • Eric S. Raymond
  • YOU?

This was the last boring “Hypothesis”-post. I will quit phase one now and will move on to get out of the building. So stay tuned…


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