Entering Phase Two

Phase 2
Photo: mockstar

After the hypothesises are done, we are now entering phase two. This is were I have to get out and try to prove my hypothesises about the customer, the product, etc.

What I will do

Mr Bank splits phase 2 in four different parts:

  1. Friendly First Contacts
  2. “Problem” Presentation
  3. Customer Understanding
  4. Market Knowledge

Normally you execute every part till it is complete and then move on.
For example in the Friendly First Contact part you are trying to establish a list with 50 persons you do wanna speak to and get as much appointments as possible. In the appointments you would present the problem and so on.

I will mix this up!

Until we will enter phase 3, I will write posts that are dealing with one of the four parts of phase two.
I won’t follow a specific order. I will go on to phase 3, if I think that all parts of phase two are completed.
My next post will deal with Market Knowledge.


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