#1 First Customer Contact

This weekend I had my “First Friendly Contact”. Surprisingly the conversation didn’t take about 20 minutes, it took about one hour and a half.
This was a quite interesting experience for me, facing people and not telling them about your idea. Instead you try to get their ideas and thoughts on the topic.
This is a quite difficult task. I often switched back to telling and justifying mode, where I was justifying my idea. The ultimate goal in customer talks is listening, this is harder than you think.

What went well

  • It was easy to get the potential customer telling about the problems.
  • I learned some new insights about customer problems and feelings.
  • I was easier than expected to get the customer telling his insights on the topic.

What went not so well

  • I did not listen enough.
  • I was arguing to much, how good my idea would be.

What I learned

  • Listen, listen, listen! It’s harder than you think.
  • Programmers and Geeks need to earn money with their software, too.
  • Distribution channels in the free software world can be improved.
  • A lot software projects lack good centralized documentation.

This was my first official Customer Development conversation.


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