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Gonzales 0.01 Is Out

I played around with the idea of programming my own editor.

I finished my first iteration which I call version 0.01. It is of course more a kind of a prototype than a complete editor. But like every iteration/version it includes 10 new features. (Ergo version 0.1 will include 100 features.)


Now lets introduce the features with screen shots and explanation:

1. Basic Design Ideas (Opera, web2.0 style [rtm, gmail])

Gonzales Main Window + File Switcher

Gonzales Main Window + File Switcher

Gonzales got an reduced window without menu and icons to save screen space and lead the user to the use of shortcuts. The file switcher works like the one from Opera. If you use <Ctrl>+<Tab>, Gonzales show you the last used file. Colors will probably change until version 0.1

2. Autosave (no save as…)

Gonzales saves your file every time it looses focus. There is no such thing like “save” or “save as …”. Every time you create a new file you will be asked for a name and you have to stick to it. If you want to change names you have to use a file manager or something similar.

3. Spaces Instead Of Tabs

All Tabs will be converted to spaces at the moment. Like most features it can easily changed in the configuration files.

4. Tab Width 4 Spaces

This one is closely related to feature 3. Tabwidth is set to 4 spaces.

5. Show Dot For Space

Gonzales shows a dot for every space. This is especially useful for programming python. It can be easily changed in the configuration file.

6. Loading Of File Via Command Line

You can load files via command line. I know this is nothing special, but it was an important feature for me. Right now there is no server to open a new file in a running instance of Gonzales. This will be implemented soon.

7. Set The Right Working Directory

A quite complex algorithm determines which is the current working directory of Gonzales. Usually it is the one of the active file.

8. Simple Open Dialog

Simple Open File Dialog

A Simple Open File Dialog

Gonzales has a rather simple open dialog, it will get pimped later, but I needed a solution for opening files for testing purposes. If you enter an absolute path this path will be used. If you enter a relative path it is relative to the current working dir.

9. Gonzales Closes If Last Tab Is Closed.

Some of you might know this feature from a Firefox plugin. If you close the last tab,
you close the whole app.

10. Basic Syntax-Highlighting

Python Syntax-Highlighting

Python Syntax-Highlighting

Gonzales has syntax highlighting for Python implemented. Highlighting for other languages can now be easily added trough configuration files.


If you want to download Gonzales and play around with it:

The code is GPL3. Tell me what you think.


Sketch Number 3

The last sketch shows the same window again, but with a bigger bottom pane. Again this idea is stolen from Emacs. The bottom pane opens like a canvas for a projector to show the results of a some certain operation.

Programming Editor Sketch 3

Sketch with big bottom pane

This is how it work in Emacs for the “occur” command:


The bottom pane of Emacs when the occur command is used.

This way it is possible to make the find and editing experience as smooth as possible.

Next time I will show the first screens of the user-interface.