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Always Icecream – This awesome hangout is FOR GIRLS ONLY!

Always Icecream – This awesome hangout is FOR GIRLS ONLY!.

Always Icecream is a website for girls only. It originated because the founder, Johannes Ziegler,  searched for a safe and instructive website for his three daughters; he couldn’t find one and started to work on Always Icecream.

Always Icecream – a social network with a value

The site is targeted at girls between 8 – 13 and it is launched in the US and Germany at the same time. In contrast to the big social networks, Always Icecream claims to have a real value for its users and customers; in consequence they charge a monthly fee. (Read more about social networks having no real value.) Always Icecream has a free first month and then charges $ 2.99 per month or alternatively you can pay $ 29.99 per year.

What can girls do at Always Icecream?

The main target of Always Icecream is, that girl can learn and have fun at the same time. Because of that Always Icecream has a lot of games where  they learn skills like math, touch typing and geography. The games are made with the girls in mind and they reward you for learning.

Who is behind of Always Icecream

Besides the founder, Johannes  Ziegler, the people behind Always Icecream consist of multi-national team:

  • German and American designers
  • German and American programmers
  • and  a lot a young girls from both sides of the ocean.

Watch the video and sign-up you daughter for Always Icecream!