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Dear Mr Taperia

Dear Mr Taperia,

my Name is Marco and I want to congratulate for your wine bag.


I was buying your wine bag at the grocery store and were thinking “A wine for two bucks where the costs for packageing aren’t that high, com on let’s try it.” There is more money left for production of the wine itself.

Did you know that a bottle with label, cork and capsule costs up to two Euros and more? Of course you know. That is probably the reason you use this wine bag.

The thing I like most, is that wine bag reminds me of The Sun Also Rises where they drink the wine in the bus to Pamplona.

I hope the wine purists won’t go mad over your wine bag.

Best regards,



Dear Mr Nokia

Dear Mr Nokia,

I really love your phones. Actually all the mobiles I had were made by you. I was always loyal to you.
For example the fabulous 6310.

nokia 6310

Probably the best mobile phone ever build.

But right now I am a little worried about your new phones like the n900. I guess you want to build an Iphone-Killer and using a full featured Linux on it is very cool (I have a n810, too). But it seems that you want to beat the Iphone by features. The n900 wants to have it all. For example the input methods consists of:

  • Touchscreen with Finger
  • Keyboard
  • Touchscreen with Stylus.

As a result the phone gets much to bloated and much to big. I think it is very clever that you don’t add a trackball 😉

My advice to you is to go back to Customer Development and see what your users really want and what could be your best feature set.

Best regards,