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#1 Entrepreneuship Fair in Frankfurt

The Aufschwung 2010 will take place in Frankfurt, Germany at Wednesday. The Aufschwung is the leading fair about entrepreneurship in the Rhein-Main-Area, maybe in Germany.

Aufschwung 2010 Logo

The location is the wonderful new campus Westend of the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Casino Building Goethe University by wecand

If you in Frankfurt next Wednesday, try to come to the Aufschwung 2010 – I will be there too, at the booth of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Frankfurt (Junior Chamber Framkfurt).  See you there!


Business Plans That Work

Business Plan That WorkBusiness Plans that Work: A Guide for Small Businesses by Jeffry Timmons and his comrades Andrew Zachrarakis and Stephen Spinelli is the best book on business plans I read so far.
In contrast to a lot of other books on the topic you don’t get overwhelmed and start to think “How should I do this?”.

Timmons Motivates You

If you read the introduction of Business Plans That Work, you are even more motivated than before. This is a huge difference to most books on business plans. After reading Timmons it is hard to hold you back from writing a business plan.

That doesn’t mean that Business Plans That Work is not a respectable book on how to write business plans. Timmons guides you smoothly to the art of writing a business plan. Each chapter is very practice-oriented and you get introduced to each topic step by step.

The chapter on testing your business idea is especially useful. You get an easy first test to evaluate the chances of your idea.

One real world case study is used through the whole book to make it easy to apply the topics to yourself.

Structure of Business Plans That Work

The content is structured in the following way:

  1. Entrepreneurs Create The Future
  2. Asking the Right Questions
  3. Getting Started
  4. Industry: Zoom Lens on Opportunity
  5. Company and Product Description: Selling Your Vision
  6. Marketing Plan: Reaching the Customer
  7. Operations and Development: Execute
  8. Team: Key to Success
  9. The Critical Risks and Offering Plan Section
  10. Financial Plan: Telling Your Story in Numbers
  11. Conclusion

Business Plans That Work is a must have for all who play with idea of founding their own company.

You won’t get killed by warnings, but get more sensible for the important topics of founding a company.

The Startup Diet

Andrew Hyde wrote an article about saving on food.

While I agree that you should cook your meals at home and his shopping strategies, I totally disagree you on living with a less than $1/day diet!

Good food is a investment in yourself!

Good and healthy food is a investment in yourself as good education is.
You shouldn’t save at the wrong place. You can live a healthy and tasty live on 5 bucks a day

Live Healthy And Tasty

  • Cook everything at home.
  • Buy frozen veggies! A lot!
  • Eat enough protein.
  • Try to avoid to much processed food. You want a steak not a sausage.
  • Get a same tupper ware and prepare your food the day before. So you can take it with you or a have it ready when you get hungry.
  • Never eat out. This saves a lot of money.
  • Never ever eat at fast food restaurants! This is garbage not food.
  • Added: A nice diet by Tim Ferris if you want to cut fat and still living cheap.

This way you can comfortably live on $5/day and even have fun with healthy food and start your new startup.