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Dear Mr Nokia

Dear Mr Nokia,

I really love your phones. Actually all the mobiles I had were made by you. I was always loyal to you.
For example the fabulous 6310.

nokia 6310

Probably the best mobile phone ever build.

But right now I am a little worried about your new phones like the n900. I guess you want to build an Iphone-Killer and using a full featured Linux on it is very cool (I have a n810, too). But it seems that you want to beat the Iphone by features. The n900 wants to have it all. For example the input methods consists of:

  • Touchscreen with Finger
  • Keyboard
  • Touchscreen with Stylus.

As a result the phone gets much to bloated and much to big. I think it is very clever that you don’t add a trackball 😉

My advice to you is to go back to Customer Development and see what your users really want and what could be your best feature set.

Best regards,