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Roadmap For Gonzales 0.02

For version 0.02 I have the following features in mind:

  1. A simple help system, that shows you the most important features in a consistent way
  2. A snippet system like the ones from Textmate and Scribes. Probably I will steal most of the code from Scribes. Mysteelef’s snippet system is just awesome.
  3. Auto – Indentation hast to be build, especially for Python programming. I think IDLE is working quite fine with Python 🙂 The other languages will become a simpler auto-indentation system.
  4. A way to load a file via command line in one instance of the editor.
  5. Right now the status messages in the status bar are only dummies. I will have to find a way of refresh the state of the status bar.
  6. I want some kind of recent files dialog. Simular to the recent files dialog of Emacs. I think wxPython doesn’t provide any facilities for that, so I have to write it by my self.
  7. Intelligent logging of events and properties. That point needs a lot of thought, what do I want to track, maybe the size of the window, etc.
  8. Auto braces. Here again I will borrow a lot from Scribes. The way the braces work in Scribes is just gorgeous.
  9. Better highlighting. Gonzales needs more highlighting files for languages different from Python
  10. Develop ideas for shortcuts – I have to think about the best use of shortcuts. This is a crucial part of the user experience. A lot of nice ideas can be found on http://xahlee.org/emacs/ergonomic_emacs_keybinding.html.

That’s it for version 0.02. It is a awful lot of work 🙂 But I think after version 0.02 is finished Gonzales could be usable for simple programming tasks.